Urban Brush Frequently Asked Questions

Several designers are active in Urban Brush, and you can request a design by directly contacting the designer without going through Urban Brush.
If you search for an image you like and go to the page, there is a "Request this designer" button for PC.
Click on it to get in touch with the designer right away.

By default, License: Freedown  Images with this designation can be downloaded for free and can be used commercially as long as it is not for resale. Resale refers to cases where the result created using the image is sold to another person or provided for a fee. When reselling, a license must be purchased from the designer before use, and the original file containing the source must be re-uploaded online. It is not permitted to do so. Printing companies, advertising companies, website companies, application companies, and franchise headquarters are all businesses that sell results using images, so they can be used after purchasing a license. Additionally, if you receive a request to stop using an image that you downloaded for free, you must stop using it. Please refer to the Terms of Use for further details.

A typical example of resale (available after purchasing a license)

Case 1) In case a freelancer or design company provides the result of using the urban brush image to a third party for money
Case 2) When a third-party design company (freelancer, design company, website company) is paid and commissioned to produce a design using the urban brush image
Case 3) When a printing company sells design output to a third party using the image of Urban Brush
Case 4) In case a website or application manufacturer uses an image of Urban Brush for items commissioned for euros

A prime example of non-resale

Case 1) When a designer or employee* belonging to the entity using the image of the urban brush uses it directly and uses it for corporate image, social media, website, etc.
Case 2) In the case of entrusting a third-party printer to output only the design produced by the designer or employee of the entity using the image of the urban brush

* The designer or employee belonging to the subject of image use must be a full-time employee, and part-time or short-term work, dispatched work, or contract employees are not applicable.

License: Premium  If you purchase an image marked with a fee, a license is included by default. It is available only to the buyer without any expiration date or conditions.
License: Only One  If it is marked as ', the exclusive license is included together, and it is treated as 'sold' in Urban Brush, and exclusive use is guaranteed.

The symbol mark (logo) can be used limitedly by individuals or non-business communities. Therefore, if you use it as a profile, symbol, mark, etc. for commercial purposes, or if you use it for an image to register a trademark or patent, you must purchase a license before using it. Because the logo, by its nature, serves to represent a specific group, company, or individual, there is inevitably the possibility of exclusive use, so non-commercial use of the logo is also permitted only for temporary use. Logos registered in Urban Brush may be sold to third parties. If you receive a request to stop using Urban Brush or the exclusive purchaser, you must stop using it immediately.

A prime example of free use of a logo

1. When used for personal or non-business (non-commercial) purposes
2. In case of use without acquiring legal rights such as trademark rights and patent rights
3. In the case of temporary use as a profile image representing individuals, non-business communities, etc. online and offline (representative X)
4. If the logo is used as a non-representative symbol, such as an icon or pictogram

Cases in which the logo must be used after purchasing a license

1. If you want exclusive use by fixing it as the representative logo of an individual or company*
2. If you wish to obtain a patent, trademark registration or exclusive right to use
3. In case a company that has a business operator uses it as a symbol such as BI or CI

Copyright and modification rights for all images belong to the creator, the designer. Therefore, users should not modify or use images arbitrarily. However, the right to arbitrarily modify some of Urban Brush's images is permitted. Deleting the background, changing the color, changing the position of individual elements included in the image, modifying the text, and using it with other images are permitted under the condition that the original of the individual elements is maintained.

Urban brush is basically free to use for free files, unless redistribution or logo or representative image is used. For example, if you submit as a creator as a user, such as for a school assignment or contest, you must disclose the source of the image used.
In addition, if you indicate the source to use the image of Urban Brush in the entry itself, you do not have to obtain a license to use it. You must use it after contacting us.

The user simply submitted the image to the contest, but the organizer may use it for other purposes and deviate from the Urban Brush Terms of Use. should receive
However, if the copyright of the submitted work belongs to the organizer of the participation clause of the contest organizer, the entry itself is not allowed. Unless otherwise contracted, the copyright of the Urban Brush image belongs to the designer who created it.
In the case of submission without acknowledgment of the source, or if the organizer uses the image without knowing the above, the user who submitted it to the contest shall be held responsible.

You can use the watermark or logo included in the image after deleting it. However, if you use it after deleting the watermark 'If you need to use it after specifying the source (eg, online posting, online article, etc.)', you must leave "Source: Urban Brush" in text at the bottom of the image. In the case of social media, you must leave "#Urbanbrush" on Hashtech.

2nd print (print): The design files of the Urban Brush are provided by the sharer as an open source, so they can be printed and used on the 2nd print or modified. However, if a company whose main business is printing (printing, advertising, banners, etc.) provides the results to customers for a fee, it is regarded as selling images. It is possible for a free user to design, entrust printing to a printing company, and use it within the scope of free use (section 3), but the printing company itself or a designer belonging to the printing company uses the image of the urban brush to produce a banner and print it. If you need to sell to a person, you must request a license from the designer or use it after purchasing it.

According to the Terms of Use, free users can hand over their files to a printing company and distribute them after printing.

License: Personal  Commercial use is prohibited if marked with . Urban brush also shares images that have been reinterpreted or restored from existing designs, not creative works, and corporate brand logos. However, the copyright of all of these belongs to the original author, and Urban Brush does not have the right to use them or decide whether to grant commercial permission. For inquiries about commercial use, please contact the original author or copyright holder, and for usage regulations, you must directly contact the company or company.

In order to protect the right of publicity (the right of celebrities such as celebrities and sports stars not to use their faces or names commercially without their consent), Urban Brush uses celebrities or celebrities’ faces commercially to protect their agency or celebrity first. Or, it is strictly regulated to inquire about it individually to the person who can claim the portrait right. The image is shared for non-commercial purposes such as fan art, non-commercial purposes, and design parody examples.

Among the images shared on Urban Brush License: Freedown  If you would like to take exclusive ownership of an image marked with , you can use the "Request this designer" button on the page to send these details and get a quote to purchase. If a transaction is made, the image will be deleted from Urban Brush, and you can ask the free user who previously downloaded it to stop using it. Among premium products, License : Only One  If it is marked as, it is a product that can only be sold exclusively, and if it is currently available for purchase, there are no previous buyers, and you can download and use it after payment immediately from the image page. After downloading, the image will be 'sold'. License : Premium  Exclusive purchase is not possible if only marked.

It is possible as long as you do not download the image source file of Urban Brush and upload it to the blog as it is to share. In other words, it can be done by introducing images in the form of screenshots, captures, or JPGs, or by linking to the Urban Brush page. Therefore, it is possible to decorate a blog template or use it in a post. However, when posting online, you must indicate that you downloaded it from Urban Brush with a hash tag, a watermark included in the image, and an indication of the source.

Urban brush images are produced with various fonts, but they are generally made up of fonts that can be used for personal or non-commercial purposes. In order to use it, you must request copyright from the font company and check whether it can be used before using it. The font used in Urban Brush is an example font, and neither Urban Brush nor its designer has the right to use it. You must use a font that is usable by the user.

Some of the urban brush designers and users use different operating systems. Some use macOS, some use Windows. In general, when a file compressed in macOS is decompressed in Windows OS, the file is broken or has strange characters due to encoding problems. These problems can be easily solved by decompression programs. In general, among those who use Windows, ALZip or Bandizip are used a lot as decompression programs. In the case of decompression, setting the encoding to macOS and then decompressing it is a simple solution.

These methods are detailed in the link below, so please refer to them.


If you wish to unsubscribe, log in
You can withdraw from your Urban Brush membership by clicking the link below.


However, to protect the terms of use of Urban Brush, the download history of the account that has been withdrawn is stored separately.
*In Urban Brush, personal information is encrypted, so you must process the withdrawal yourself.

It is recommended that you inform the designer of this fact promptly and agree well. If you do not inform yourself of the violation and are discovered, you may be punished for not reaching an agreement, or even if an agreement is reached, the settlement amount may increase.
A large number of violation cases are reported to Urban Brush, and violation cases are identified through various channels and data are provided to designers. If you have violated the Terms of Use, please voluntarily agree with the designer.

Urban Brush does not mediate or intervene in these disputes.

If you want to download a file, Urban Brush (http://www.urbanbrush.net)to  1) First, you must sign up for membership and then log in. 2) After clicking the desired image, click the "FREE - DOWNLOAD" button (based on PC) on the right side of the image thumbnail. 3) After checking the terms and conditions at the bottom of the download page, check the box in front of "If you agree to receive e-mail and the terms of use of Urban Brush", click "Go to download page". 4) Click the file name next to "DOWNLOAD FILE" to download. Please note that you can only download it from the site without providing it via e-mail or separately. See below for details.

How to download Urban Brush files

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