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 FREEDOWN PREMEUM Personal Exclusive use license
personal purposeOOOOO
Trademark/patent registrationXXXXO
Use for sales productsX (available after license purchase)OOXO
outsourcingX (available after license purchase)OOXO
Web Posting / Web NewsO (specify source)OOXO
electronic documentO (specify source)OOXO
Online advertising, promotion, bannerOOOXO
offline promotionOOOXO
social mediaO (specify source)OO XO
Online video (YouTube, etc.)OOOXO
re-upload sourceXXXXX
mass mediaO (specify source)O (specify source)O (specify source)XO
Logo (BI, CI, Profile)X (available after license purchase)OOXO
Webskin (Main)OOOXO
printed publicationsO (specify source)O (specify source)O (specify source)XO
웹 사이트OOOXO
Online shopping mallOOOXO

(Source example: Source: Urban brush / Hashtag example: #Urban brush)

Urban Brush is ‘Urban Brush (www.urbanbrush.net)', Urban Brush Pro((www.urbanbrush.net/pro, )Urban Brush STORY (www.urbanbrush.net/story), Logo Yogo (www.logoyogo.com), and Six Man (www.6man.co.kr) sites are being operated, and each site has separate member management and separate terms of use. These terms and conditions apply to “Urban Brush (www.urbanbrush.net)” and is subject to the terms of use below.

Urban brush : Limited commercial use, license required for resale, license required for fixed logo use, publicity rights, limited modification, redistribution prohibited
Urban Brush Pro : Commercial use possible, resale possible, fixed logo use permitted except for patents and trademarks, redistribution prohibited
Urban Brush Story : Available for commercial use, license required for resale, redistribution prohibited, color change possible when downloading AI file and use with other images
logo yogo : License required for fixed logo and resale, icon, non-fixed logo can be used, no modification, no redistribution
Sixth Man : Portfolio commissioned and produced through Urban Brush

Urban brush is a free download image Designer talent donationmade with Therefore, in order to protect the value and copyright of the designer's work and to regulate the unfair use of images, we set up the Terms of Use, based on which we help users to use images safely and fairly. All images are copyrighted by the designer, and users must use them according to the terms of use.

All rules are shared by designers donating their talents. Making free images available to 'everyone' for freeis based on. Therefore, the results using free images are second, third... It is a principle that should be provided free of charge even to people of . Users who download images for free, second, third... In order to prevent the provision of free images to people for a fee, or the possibility that a specific individual or group exclusively monopolizes free images, Urban Brush stipulates them as terms and categorizes cases so that everyone can use images fairly free of charge. are doing

However, depending on the user's economic activity, if it is not possible to directly use the image of the urban brush in a product for sale and provide the result free of charge, or if you want exclusive use of the free image, you can purchase a license from the designer who donated your talent and pay for the free image. It is possible to purchase as an image, and if you need a separate design, you can support the designer's activities by requesting a designer who has donated his talent.

Please refer to the details below to understand the planning intention of Urban Brush and the direction of the business.

1. What is a free image? : Free images refer to “images that can be downloaded for free” in Urban Brush. If it is an image that can be downloaded using the “Free Download” button because no separate price is set, it is a free image. However, “free download” and “free use” are different concepts. Since all images of Urban Brush are provided free of charge by the designer, users can also use them to the extent that the nature of “free” is preserved. The nature of a free image is established when 'all users' can use the image for free, and a specific group or individual does not 'exclusively use' it.It's possible.

(Preservation of the nature of free images)

Users who use the free image provided by the designer can view the result as the second, third… It should be free to users as well. Providing the results produced using images received free of charge to others for a fee is a condition that deviate from the nature of free images. However, if you sell the result of using the free image to others or if it is inevitable to provide it for a fee, you can use it after purchasing a license. In other words, you can use it after purchasing a license as a condition of selling the image from the designer.

(Loss of free image quality and license purchase required)

A typical example of using a free image after purchasing a license (can be used after purchasing a license)

  1. In the case of generating revenue by selling the result created using the image provided by the designer for free to a third party (resale, see paragraph 3)
  2. In the event that a prize money is received through the result created using images provided free of charge by the designer (contest, etc.)
  3. Outsourcing companies related to design (e.g., design companies, print advertising companies, website production companies, app development companies, etc.)
  4. If there is a possibility of monopolizing free images legally or socially (see paragraph 5)

2. Representative examples of resale

Case 1) In case a freelance designer or design outsourcing company provides the result produced using Urban Brush images to a third party for money
Case 2) When a third-party design outsourcing company (freelancer, design company, website company) or other designer is commissioned for a fee to produce a design using the urban brush image
Case 3) When a printing company directly uses the image of Urban Brush and sells design output to a third party
Case 4) In case a website or application manufacturer uses an image of Urban Brush for items commissioned for euros
Case 5) In case the franchise head office or distribution head office provides designs created using the image of Urban Brush to subcontractors and franchisees (refer to item 9)

2-1 A typical example of non-resale

Case 1) In case an employee belonging to the entity using the image of the urban brush uses it to promote the affiliated company's online/offline products, SNS, website, etc.
Case 2) When an employee belonging to a subject using the image of the Urban Brush uses the image of the Urban Brush for the purpose of the company to which he or she belongs by entrusting the printout of the promotional and advertising design materials produced using the image of the Urban Brush to the printing company.
Case 3) In case the image is used to promote the user's product, not to sell the product with the image used (non-sale product, shopping mall, advertisement, etc.)

However, the employee who uses the image must be a full-time employee, and part-time or short-term work, dispatched work, or contract employees are not applicable. When requesting design production using an image registered in Urban Brush, it is hoped that the request is made directly to the designer registered in Urban Brush. Used under license from the designerYou should.

3. If commercial use is possible : Among “commercial” uses, Urban Brush includes indirect profits and advertisement promotion, excluding direct profits (resale), in the category of free image use. In other words, if the selling price is set because it is used directly in a product sold, free use is not possible, so it can be used after purchasing a license. Otherwise, it is available free of charge.

Typical examples of free commercial use

  1. If the free image is directly used by the company for advertising or promotion (e.g., detailed page, social media, advertising banner, promotional video, etc.)
  2. When a YouTuber uses it in the video of his channel where revenue is generated (indirect revenue case)
  3. Used for non-sale or promotional products

Cases that must be used after purchasing a license for commercial use

  1. In the case of outsourcing production of promotional materials from other companies and providing them for a fee
  2. In case of using images for video editing of another YouTuber's channel and receiving fees for editing
  3. When used directly in products sold to consumers

4. Images that are not commercially available: Urban Brush allows sharing of various image materials, and reinterpretation of existing designs, secondary creations, restored images, and images depicting celebrities with portrait rights may be shared. Caricatures of celebrities or characters that can be associated with a specific person are permitted to be used only for personal purposes, fan art, etc. according to the Public City Rights, and commercial use is also prohibited.

Celebrity caricatures or characters uploaded by designers cannot be used for specific advertising or publicity due to the nature of fan art, and if you want to use them commercially, you must obtain permission from the person with the right to the portrait. In addition, images that have been parodied, restored, or reworked from original works, and specific trademark images must be used after consulting the original author or copyright holder for all usage rights, and licenses for these images are not sold. If there is permission from the original author, portrait right holder, or trademark right holder, you can use it immediately.

Representative images that cannot be used commercially (licensed sales are not allowed, commercial use is not allowed)

  1. Images protected by public city rights (celebrity caricatures, characters, etc.)
  2. Images of secondary creations parodying or restoring the original, images reinterpreting the original
  3. Certain trademarks, brand images, logos

5. Cases of not using images : Images shared on Urban Brush cannot be used in the following cases.

  1. Used for the purpose of hating a specific individual or group
  2. Used for heresy, pseudo-religion, camouflage propagation groups, anti-social religious groups, and similar religions
  3. Use for criminal purposes such as illegal, immoral, and disturbing purposes (forgery of private documents, gambling, adult content), or use for the purpose of harming social morals
  4. Use in violation of copyright

6. Rules for using the symbol (logo): The symbol mark (logo) can be used limitedly by individuals or non-business communities. Therefore, if you use it for commercial purposes or to acquire exclusive rights, that is, if you use it as a profile, symbol, mark, etc. online or offline, if you use it for commercial purposes or for an image to register a trademark or patent, you must purchase a license before using it. Since the logo, by its nature, serves to represent a specific organization, company, or individual, there is inevitably the possibility of exclusive use, so non-commercial use of the logo is also permitted for temporary use. In particular, when a license for a logo is purchased from a third party or a request for suspension of use is made at the designer's discretion, use must be stopped immediately.

A prime example of free use of a logo

  1. If used for non-commercial purposes
  2. In the case of temporary use without obtaining legal rights such as trademark rights and patent rights
  3. Profile images or representative images representing individuals or non-business communities online and offline
  4. When the logo is used as a non-representative symbol, that is, an icon or pictogram (except for resale)

Cases in which the logo must be used after purchasing a license

  1. If you want exclusive use by confirming it as the representative logo of an individual or company*
  2. If you wish to obtain a patent, trademark registration or exclusive right to use
  3. When a company that has a business operator uses it as a symbol such as BI or CI

*If an image is exclusively purchased, it will be sent to users who have already downloaded it via e-mail to notify them, request suspension of use, and be deleted from the Urban Brush site.

7. Free pass: Urban brush is intended to be used after purchasing a license for resale or commercial use that generates direct profits. The free pass target can resell the result of using the image, and it can be used without purchasing a separate license even when using products that generate revenue directly (except for images that are not for commercial use (refer to clause 4 of the Terms of Use)) . The free pass is an automatic urban brush free pass for individuals, groups, or companies that fall under the following without a separate application procedure or payment of fees. Even with the free pass, the use of a fixed logo is excluded.

  1. Public corporations, quasi-governmental organizations, and local public corporations designated by the state or the Ministry of Strategy and Finance
  2. All educational institutions affiliated with national metropolitan and provincial offices of education
  3. Religious Organizations – Religious organizations that have been granted permission to establish as religious organizations (except for heresy, cult, camouflage propagation groups, and anti-social religious groups/except for similar religions such as meditation)
  4.  Organizations related to relief, human rights, volunteering, environmental issues, military, and medical health among non-profit organizations and civic groups

* Excluded industries: non-business, informal companies, paper companies

The free pass is not applicable to the above excluded industries and individuals without business registration., occurs when the above conditions are met, Automatically expires when the condition is lostIt's possible. Therefore, Freepass membership is automatically terminated when designation as a public corporation is revoked by the government on the business registration certificate, permission to establish as a religious organization is revoked, or when a non-profit organization is converted into a profit-making organization. Therefore, members whose target has been terminated must stop using all images from the point of termination.

Freepass subjects must also immediately stop using the image if it is requested by the exclusive purchaser to stop using it because the image is exclusively purchased by another person. (See paragraph 15)

8. Purchase a license: If you need a license for an image and want to purchase it, you can purchase it after directly contacting the designer. License to useexclusive licenseis divided into A use license is a license that is used only after receiving the right to use, and multiple purchasers may exist, and the purchasers may overlap each other. An exclusive license allows exclusive use, allowing trademarks or patents to be registered, and exercising rights as an exclusive user. Exclusive license is possible only when there is no purchase history of use license. If you purchase an exclusive license, the image will be deleted from the site and will no longer be shared. A user who has purchased an exclusive exclusive license may request the suspension of use of an image that has been previously downloaded and used by other users.

9. Image editing and correction : The “right to maintain identity (detailed provisions within the copyright)” of all images belongs to the creator, the designer. Therefore, the user needs permission to arbitrarily modify and use the image without the designer's permission. Some of the images of Urban Brush are allowed to be edited by the user. Remove background, change or delete text content, change color, individual image* Can be used with other images under the condition that the original is maintained.  You can use the watermark or logo included in the image after deleting it. However, if you need to use it after specifying the source, if you use it after deleting the watermark, you must leave “Source: Urban Brush” in text at the bottom of the image.

Individual image: A group of objects that can be associated with a single image.

10. Franchise* headquarters and direct distribution stores, source companies : If a company with the nature of the head office (source) provides images to subcontractors, franchisees, and partners for use, this is considered resale. Therefore, a license must be purchased when an image is produced and the business operator distributes or uses it to partner companies or affiliates. In particular, since the franchise headquarters operates several stores to form a chain, image use is standardized and may be resold, so you must purchase a license before using the image.

*Franchise: A company that operates two or more direct-managed stores from the head office and owns one or more affiliated stores.

11. Font Copyright Usage Regulations : There are fonts with different usage rules in the design file of Urban Brush. In general, since the work is done with fonts that are not restricted for use by non-commercial or individual users, when using them commercially, you must change them to commercially available fonts or use them in accordance with the license terms of the font owner or font copyright holder. You are responsible for any use of this.

12. Upload to other sites and indicate source (redistribution) : The image of the urban brush can be uploaded to other sites, blogs, cafes, and SNS. It is not permitted to redistribute in the original source form, such as AI, PSD, PNG, ESP, PPT, PDF, etc., or to upload and share source files containing parts of images.. It is also prohibited to post images online and provide them for third parties to download and use (e.g. wallpaper images, PPT, etc.) or upload them to sites and applications that provide image files. Also, uploading the downloaded source file to an intranet or a cloud or shared folder on the company's or public company's internal network to share with other members is not permitted.

When using images online, only JPG.PNG image files are allowed, not source files, and they must be included in the form of images, not provided as attachments. In the case of online news, blog posts, online cafe posts, and social media, you must leave a watermark, source, or hashtag (e.g., Urban Brush). However, watermarks and sources do not need to be specified for offline print use.

Cases that can be redistributed (one of watermark, source, and hashtag must be left)

  1. If the result of using the image is left as an example image for a post or article (only JPG and PNG, no attachments)
  2. When used for card news or promotional materials on social media
  3. When used for assignments, contests, or portfolios (specify source)

Cases where redistribution is not possible

  1. When uploading to a site of an image-sharing nature
  2. When a user downloads or provides a source file by sharing it
  3. In the case of uploading to an intranet or a cloud or server that can be used by multiple users

13. Portfolio, Contest, Assignment Submission  : , Even if you are a user, not a creator, there are cases in which you may need to use it for creation and provide it to a third party. For example, there are cases where you need to submit images to other organizations or individuals as a user, such as portfolios, school assignments, and contests. In this case, the entry or submission itself falls within the scope of free use, but the source must be specified. If the image is submitted to the contest and becomes a prize and the organizer of the contest uses the image, it becomes a reason for resale and a separate license must be purchased. If it is attributed to the organizer, the entry itself is not allowed. Unless otherwise contracted, the copyright of the Urban Brush image belongs to the designer who created it.

14. Terms of Use Liability : Designers can request compensation for damages from the user or place of use if used outside of the terms and conditions of the Urban Brush. If you use it outside of the regulations, you must reach an agreement with the designer to avoid punishment and lawsuits. For images that have already been used, you must voluntarily agree to them by contacting the designer as soon as possible. Since the price shared by the designer is set by the designer without a set price, compensation for damages and settlements that occur later may increase. Therefore, if a license is required according to the terms and conditions, you must purchase it, and even if you have already used it, notify the designer and promptly We must agree. Urban Brush does not mediate or intervene in these disputes.

15. Design request : When you purchase a license or request a new design because you like a specific image. If you use “Ask this designer” in the sidebar of each image, you can modify, create, or order files directly from the designer without going through Urban Brush. The estimate is not fixed, but you can decide by discussing with each other directly.

16. Disable images : Even if you download and use the image from Urban Brush, the user must immediately stop using the image if any of the following occurs.

When image use is stopped

  1. If an image is purchased by an exclusive buyer and previous users are requested to stop using the image.
  2. In the case of requesting suspension of use due to the designer's judgment that the use is inappropriate
  3. If the designer requests withdrawal of free use for personal purposes

In case of loss of eligibility to use Urban Brush

  1. A person or company caught violating the Urban Brush Terms of Use even once (regardless of agreement),
  2. A person or enterprise using in an area not within the provisions set by law.
  3. A person or company notified by each designer after determining that the use is inappropriate (restriction on the use of the designer's image only)
  4. If you leave malicious comments in Urban Brush or unmanned or offensive comments through counseling channels (Kakao Channel, Chetbot, etc.)

17. Paid-use files and licenses : If there is a button with a price and not a download button, it means that the designer does not offer it at that price and not for free. Please contact the designer directly through “Request work from this designer” on the page, and refer to the “Terms of Use (Paid)” button at the top of this page for terms of use for paid images.

18. Contract cancellation and refund: When purchasing an image registered on Urban Brush from a designer or requesting a design, the principle is that all disputes will be resolved between the parties without Urban Brush mediating. However, we would like to inform you that this can generally be resolved in accordance with e-commerce refund regulations. However, this is only possible if you have not purchased and downloaded the file of the created image (original image that has not been requested to be modified), and if you purchased the file for a fee and downloaded the file, a refund is not possible. In addition, in the case of a request to modify an image or request a new design, we would like to inform you that because it meets the “requirements for individual production according to consumer orders under the Electronic Commerce Act,” cancellation of subscription is subject to restrictions once work begins and cancellation is not possible.

19. User information: Urban Brush collects only e-mail information for users' personal information except ID. This is to manage the download history, and to notify of changes in the regulations of free image files or requests to stop using them because they are sold exclusively by a specific buyer. Therefore, you must enter your e-mail address correctly when signing up to receive information about copyright changes. If you write a false e-mail or steal someone else's e-mail, your account may be deleted or suspended without notice. Please note that any dispute that arises is entirely up to the user.

20. Copyright dispute: Urban Brush is a company that provides an image source sharing platform, and cannot monitor or check all copyrights of images uploaded by a specific designer. Therefore, we do not protect the copyright of those images or assume any responsibility for them. For inquiries about copyright, please contact the uploaded designer directly, not Urban Brush, and we are not involved in civil or criminal disputes. If an image that violates copyright is uploaded, admin@urbanbrushIf you send evidence and opinions about copyright issues to .kr, Urban Brush will handle them.

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