Urban Brushe Terms of use. Please read the following information carefully before using.

Urban Brush sets up about free users and free usage files according to certain regulations. if you are free users and files you use, you can take advantage of it commercially. However, free users must also consider the creators of all images. You must use and change the image to the extent allowed by the creator who shares the free open image. Without such consideration Urban Brush can not be operated and you will not be able to get a good amount of good designs free of charge. Please check if you are a free user.

1. What is a free user? :

Free user means a user who can use 'Design Freely Available' among files shared by Urban Brush. If you don't use a shared image in your Urban Brush for resale, you're mostly a free user. However, due to the nature of the business, companies that have no choice but to sell images to third parties (design companies, printers, advertisements, banners, live-print printing companies, website production organizations, application production organizations, etc.), franchises and distribution headquarters are free users. Excluded from

Free users are granted a limited license, and if a designer requests suspension, even if the image is used, it should be disabled immediately. In addition, in the event that a third party purchases an exclusive use of the image and is transferred to it (see Section 4), the owner of the purchased image may request suspension of use of the image that has already been used. You should stop using that image.


2. What is a free file? : Free usage files are files shared by the designer and working directly. Designers working in Urban Brush allow commercially available because they agree to commercial use of free users and upload files. However, it is not fee files that trademarked trademarks, calligraphies, parody original works, brand logos , etc among the shared files. Please refer to section 4 below for usage rules.


3. Free Usage: If you are a free user and you want to use a free usage file, you can use it without any commercial restrictions. It can be used on-line, off-line, and printed. However, as a result, if you download the image as a free user, and use outside the scope of free users, you must ask the designer to purchase the license yourself. In other words, both the free user credentials of the downloader and the credentials used must be in the free user scope for free use.


4. Use of images with separate copyrights provision, not the copyright of Urban Brush: Urban Brushes may share images that not the copyright of Urban Brush, branding logos, etc., by reinterpreting or restoring existing designs rather than creations. However, the copyrights of all these are in the original author, and the Urban Brush has no authority to decide whether to use it or allow commercial use. Please contact the original author or copyright owner for commercial use of this, and you should contact the company or business directly for the usage rule. If there is a original such as a parody, and the original is reinterpreted, the original author or copyright owner's permission must be followed first for commercial use, and secondarily, the free use of Urban Brushes. Urban Brush does not take responsibility for the commercial use of parody, movie, cartoon, calligraphy, brand BI, celebrity face, and other photographs in which the original works. If you want to see a clear definition or explanation, you can contact the designer directly through the “Ask the designer” sidebar on the right side of the image page.


5. Image editing and sales: If you are a free user and you are using a free file, you can modify the image and use it without restrictions. It is also possible to use it with other image sources that is not Urban Brush. However, in order to sell designs created using one of the smaller image sources downloaded from Urban Brushes, or to provide them outside of the free user scope of Section 1, you must purchase and allow the image license from the designer.


6. Secondary Print (Print): Urban Brush design files are provided by open source, so if you have a free user range and free usage files, you can use them or print them out on secondary prints. However, even if the company has fewer than 20 employees, companies whose main business is printing (printing, advertising, banners, etc.) are considered to be selling images to third parties due to the nature of their business. It is possible for free users to use image printed by the printing company for free use (section 3). However, if the designer who belongs to the printing company or the printing company use the image of the Urban brush to create the banner, you must ask your designer for a license or use it after purchase.


7. Buying a license: If you are not a free user, you will need to purchase an image license for the designer to use the image. Each page of the image has a “Ask this designer” button. With this button, you can directly contact the license related questions on the linked page. Also, if you sign up for the monthly subscription, you can use the images downloaded with the ID during the subscription period like the free users. For free license inquiries, please use the “Q & A” below.


8. Ownership and Trademarks: Both the logo image of a shared design and the generic design image can have ownership or register as a trademark. To register with a trademark using part of an image, you must purchase and register an exclusive exclusive license with the designer. You must not resell or register the image without permission without permission. You are solely responsible for any problems arising from the use of all or part of the images within the file without the approval of the Urban Brush or the manufacturer. If a shared logo image or generic image in Urban Brush is used as a representative image, CI or BI for a brand, you must purchase a license for the designer even if you do not register the trademark. Even if you are a free user, you must use exclusive license when you use it as a brand main image. For example, YouTube or blogger is a free user, so you can freely use the logo or image of free files to put images in various postings or general videos within the scope of free use, but the representative image or logo to introduce yourself is a kind of brand You must use the license as a representative image after purchasing because it is likely to be duplicated by a third party. Once you purchase an exclusive license, the image will be removed from the site and will no longer be shared. A user who has purchased an exclusive exclusive license may download previously used images by another user and deny access to previously used images (see Section 1).


9. Font Copyright Usage Regulations: Urban brush design files contain fonts with different usage rules. In general, non-commercial or personal users are working with unlimited fonts, so if you use it commercially, you should change it to a commercially available font or use it in accordance with the terms of the license holder's licensee. You are solely responsible for the use thereof.


10. Upload and redistribute other sites: You can upload images of Urban Brushes to other sites, blogs, cafes, and SNS for free and free use files. However, it is not allowed to redistribute the original source AI, PSD, or PNG, PDF, EPS or upload and share source files containing part of the image. When uploading, we recommend that you use JPG format instead of original source file, or capture and link. But, this is free users only. If you are not a free user, even a JPG or screenshot, you need to purchase a license.


11. Request a design: I like a specific image and can request a new design. Using the “Ask this designer” sidebar of each image, you can edit, create, order, etc. files directly to the designer without going through the Urban Brush. Quotations are not fixed, but you can discuss them directly.

If you have any questions, please leave us Urban Brush questions and answers and we will reply quickly.


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