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Urban Brush Sponsorship Information

Urban brushes are made with talent donations from designers.

Click here to sponsor Urban Brush Designer.



Urban brush sponsorship gives designers the power to share images.

Urban brush has various image sources that designers have worked on themselves.

Designers share these sources with users for free.

However, it has more meaning than simply downloading and using the source.

You can simply download and use the images for free,

In some cases, the image needs to be modified or an original image with a similar concept is needed.

In this case, you can request a design by directly contacting the designer who worked on this.

Rather than modifying the image yourself or asking someone else to do it, entrusting it to the designer who worked on it will produce the best results.



You no longer have to search for or commission unknown designers.

See for yourself in Urban Brush and choose a designer!



Getting in touch with a designer is simple.

As shown above, on the right side of the image “Submit work to this designer” button이 있습니다.

By clicking on it, you can view only the images shared by that designer, review them, and contact the designer at the contact number he left behind.

If you leave a way for the designer to easily contact you in the introduction, you can do it yourself.

Alternatively, there is a contact form to send an email right below the introduction.

Through it, you can contact the designer directly, set the price, and commission the work.

If you have any questions or are difficult to ask the designer directly, please leave them in the “Questions and Answers” ​​section below and Urban Brush will answer them directly.

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