Beware of Google AdSense advertising login banner

hello. It is an urban brush.
Urban Brush has various designers sharing their images through talent donation.
In order to operate this, we raise maintenance costs by registering advertisements (Google AdSense, etc.) on the site.

Advertisements, including Google AdSense, exist as a type of 'fishing advertisement'.
Especially recently, they advertise it as if it were a ‘login’ or ‘sign up’ button on the site.
There are cases where you are asked to sign up for membership on another site, and in some cases, you enter your card number when signing up.
In some cases, payment may be required.

Typically, an advertisement appears as shown in the image above.
When you see this, you may think it is the Urban Brush login button and press the button.
However, the above is an advertisement, and it is an advertisement related to 'mobile phone number login'.

Therefore, if you click the button above, you will be connected to a site with advertisements, not Urban Brush.
This is a method of encouraging people to sign up for or pay for other services.
In order to stop posting 'fishing' advertisements like the ones above, Urban Brush
Advertising platforms such as Google AdSense are setting a stoppage of posting of the advertisement, but
It often pops up again when advertisers reapply through various methods.

Urban Brush login is indicated by the word ‘Login’ at the top right of the site.
In order not to be confused with advertisements, you must first access the Urban Brush site.
Please log in using the login button at the top right.

Urban Brush will continue to apply to advertising platforms to prevent fishing ads like the ones above from being posted.

Thank you.

error: Urban Brush is secure.