Intellectual Property Infringement Report

hello. It is an urban brush.

Urban Brush introduces an intellectual property right reporting system to protect copyright among uploaded images.
It is about an image that can be disputed, or the image of the urban brush violates the terms of use
We would like to report and process cases of external use.

In this case, please report it below.


Reportable scope

  • If there is an intellectual property infringement image among the images uploaded to Urban Brush (Only the victim can report)
  • If you find an external case where the image of Urban Brush is being used in violation of the Terms of Use (Anyone can report)

report handling

  • The submitted report is forwarded to the manager, and based on the report, it is reviewed to decide how to handle it.
  • Responses to submitted reports or processing results may be omitted if necessary.
  • If the content of the report is different from the facts, it will not be processed.



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