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What is Urban brush?



About Urban Brush?

Urban Brush is an image sharing site that allows you to use all images free of charge without any restriction. Many image sites say they want to be image portals, but they are shopping malls selling images. Urban Brush is a free site that serves images. Designers working in Urban Brush share their work in their original source, and are asked to do their secondary and tertiary work through it. As many image source files are shared, the free community is an image community site where you can receive free source files, and if you like, you can order or request directly.

Urban Brush is not a mall that sells images. A website that serves images. Use it freely, but if you need a designer, if you ask Urban Brush, you are satisfied with it.


Sharing “life style, low cost” image rather than high quality art

Urban brushes are mainly files created based on illustration files. But it is not “artistic” at all. You will not be able to find images that contain artistic design elements because they are based on the principle of sharing images for commercial, advertising, and promotional purposes, but you should be able to find images of B-class or life style, is.


Talented donation site

Urban Brush is pursuing a refurbished site purely. In Korea, which is a design powerhouse, a huge amount of design water is produced and discarded today, but there is a goal of preserving it as original data and reusing it to people who need it, to increase the efficiency of design production. Designers share their images and users get it for free. If you like the image uploaded by the designer and want to create a new image, why not give it to a designer who has donated your talent? You can order images at any time through “Ask this Designer” on the right side of the image page.


Who is this site useful for?

There are many businessmen in Korea who dream of personal entrepreneurship with creative items and talents. Design is needed in many areas to make their business a little nicer and cooler. Urban Brushes are especially beneficial for those who are not yet able to hire designers or consult them at a high cost, such as start-up companies. And even if you’re a self-employed person making a simple POP or poster, or even creating a flyer or promotional material, you can use the Urban Brush design to create better designs than others. This must be commercially viable. So you can use Urban Brush for commercial use if you qualify. But do not you want to resell images?

How does Urban Brush operate?

To run Urban Brush, you need a large server, manager, and designer. The Urban Brush is operated by designers who share their designs by donating their talents. However, the cost of running the server and the administrative costs are essential to running the Urban Brush site. These operating budgets are either sponsored separately or covered by advertising on the site. However, there is inevitably a large amount of minus every month. If you would like to help Urban Brush become more active and stronger, you can ask for sponsorship or donate via PayPal.


If you want to be a designer of Urban Brush, please click “Apply for Designer” below and fill in the details. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us with the contact below, KakaoTalk plus your friends or contact form. Thank you.



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